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How to start blogging without a penny

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Blogging is an art. Blogging means sharing your views or knowledge on particular topic. Writing on your favourite niche makes you happy and satisfied. You can make your unique identity.

Do you like writing? Do you want to explore your ideas? Achieve your dreams, Start writing today!

Blogging benefits

Express your ideas and share your knowledge

Improve your writing skill

Build your professional network

Build online portfolio

Earn money

How to start free blog on

Create a separate G-mail account for blogging.

Open website

blogger blog

Sign In with your G-mail account

display name

Give Display name of your blogger profile

Click on continue to blogger

new blog

Give Title, Address like Select theme of your blog

Click on Create blog

Click on Create blog

There is option to select and purchase domain name but it is optional, you can skip this step.

 Now your Blog is ready to use.

Create posts and enjoy free blogging.

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